The Ontario Association of Teachers of German acknowledges the oppression that exists in many of our shared and institutional spaces. We categorically oppose racism, white supremacy, and intolerance in every form. The OATG remains cognizant of the realities of Black, Indigenous, other racialized people of colour, and other minorities, and further acknowledges that all spaces, including those of learning, are not immune to bigotry.

As a community of educators, it is fundamental that we use our privilege to do more than merely recognize the current and historical inequalities and intergenerational trauma at hand. Allyship is not enough; we must engage to make change.

As an organization, the OATG commits to concretely support its members in providing professional development and ongoing opportunities to transform pedagogies, in order to be more inclusive of our racialized and minority students, while actively integrating issues of social justice and systemic inequities into our learning environments.

-The Executive of the OATG