2021 will mark the 50th anniversary of the Ontario High School German Contest!

All teachers and students of German are invited join us for this special event.

Full details are forthcoming. We regret the cancellation of the 2020 event due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

To register, email Chair Anne Popovich at Entry forms are available by email.

The Rules and Regulations are available here. See if your students qualify!

Scroll down to see further details about the day.

Beginner Students Again Have Their Own Category in 2021!

The Ontario High School German Contest is an important annual tradition and is one of our province’s most prestigious events celebrating International Languages. Every year, dozens of students from across Ontario gather to demonstrate their knowledge of German language and culture through listening, reading, writing and speaking activities.

Gute Nachrichten!

For many years, the winner of our "Group B" has enjoyed a trip to Germany, including a fantastic language course! Sincere thanks to the Consulate of the Federal Republic of Germany in Toronto for their generous contribution of this enriching opportunity!

Students participate in groups that correspond to their language abilities, allowing students of all knowledge and experience levels to take part in this exciting event! Thousands of dollars in prizes and cash are awarded to top students, including trips to Germany.

Great prizes await our winners in our four categories:

  • Gruppe A (Beginner - LWGBD),
  • Gruppe B (Advanced - typically LWGDU),
  • Gruppe C (additional exposure to the German language, i.e. students having participated in exchange programs), and
  • Gruppe D (extensive exposure through Saturday school, heritage language programs, or other).

Structure and format of the event:

 The format will be revised to better represent the current International Languages curriculum. All participants and teachers will be informed well in advance of the contest of any changes. In previous years, the contest structure was as follows:

For all levels:

  1. Listening comprehension (10-12 true/false questions)
  2. Reading comprehension (10-12 true/false questions)
  3. Language and grammar (35 multiple choice questions)
  4. D-A-CH-L culture questions (5-7 multiple choice questions)
  5. Composition (choice of one of three topics)
  6. Oral interview (3-4 questions; list of questions provided a few days prior to the contest to all students)

Feel free to contact Contest Chair, Anne Popovich, at with any questions.

Contest Committee:

  • Anne Popovich, OISE/UT, Chair
  • Ruth Renters, Appleby College, Host Chair
  • Jimmy Steele, Toronto District School Board
  • Gabriela Szolnoki-Bourgeois, Halton District School Board
  • Rosemarie Tossell, Retired, Rockway Mennonite Academy
  • Nicola Townend, University of Toronto Schools, Secretary-Treasurer

Students participate in listening, reading, writing, and grammar components, in addition to an oral interview. The contest is geared towards students in their third year of study, but many students have been successful – and even won! – the contest after just two years of instruction.

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