Ontario High School German Contest 2022:
Was bedeutet Deutsch für dich?

The Ontario High School German Contest is back in virtual form this year!
We are asking students of German of high school age to submit a short video answering the question: “Was bedeutet Deutsch für dich?”

Whether you are in first year German or you have studied for many years, you can take part in the contest to win cash prizes!

Your task: Create a personal video in German telling us “Was bedeutet Deutsch für dich?” This open-ended question will hopefully produce a wide range of interesting answers. Get creative! The video should be 90-120 seconds long, maximum. The judges are looking for interesting ideas and content as well as varied vocabulary, grammatical structures, accuracy and pronunciation.

Deadline for submission: Saturday, May 14, 2022

There will be generous cash prizes for the top placing students in each category! Winners will be announced later in May and invited to an online awards ceremony with some special guests! Full contest details are below.

Be a part of a great tradition!

The Ontario High School German Contest is an important annual tradition and is one of our province’s most prestigious events celebrating International Languages. Every year, dozens of students from across Ontario gather to demonstrate their knowledge of German language and culture through listening, reading, writing and speaking activities.

Great prizes await our winners in our three categories:

Gruppe A: I have no academic experience with the German language outside of the current school year’s course; I have no additional, significant exposure to the language through family, community or other enrichment opportunities; I have not spent more than 3 weeks in a German-speaking country at any time since January 1st, 2018.

Gruppe B: I have 1-4 academic years of study of German in classroom settings; I have no additional, significant exposure to the language through family, community or other enrichment opportunities; I have not spent more than 3 weeks in a German-speaking country at any time since January 1st, 2018.

Gruppe C/D: I have additional experience beyond the day school/credit program classroom via Sprachschule, school exchanges, study-abroad programs, and/or travel in German-speaking countries, OR I have considerable exposure to German because of extensive contact with German-speaking family and community members.

Submission guidelines:

What you record must be your own original work. No electronic translating tools/applications or spelling/grammar checking tools may be used in the preparation of what you record. Your teacher will be asked to confirm that the video is indeed you, and that it is typical of your usual performance level.

Entry stipulations:

1. This contest is open to ALL students registered at a high school who are learning German in Ontario high schools or Sprachschulen, even if not currently enrolled in a credit course.

2. You must be fully visible on your recording, so that we can verify your identity. Please also use the same name in your video file name as you do in your registration form.

3. The submissions must be in a format that is easily viewed by the panel of judges. You can upload your video to this FlipGrid classroom, or submit a video file in .mp4, .m4v, .avi. , .mov or .wmv format to this Google Drive folder.

4. All videos submitted must be original representations of you speaking. No other images or footage should be included. We are just interested in what you have to say.

5. The submission of your video will serve as your permission for the Ontario High School German Contest to share these with our panel of judges for the purposes of selecting the winners. We will also mention your name and school when we announce the winners, which will also be posted on the OATG website, If you are under 18, please check with your parents/guardians that they are comfortable with this. Your participation in this contest will be taken as confirmation that you and your parents/guardians consent to the limited sharing of your video and registration information.

6. In addition to uploading your video, please complete the registration form with details about you and your German-learning history.

7. All submissions must be received by Saturday, May 14, 2022 at 11:59pm to be considered.

8. The winning submissions will be chosen by an independent panel of judges whose decisions will be final. All winners and their teachers will be notified before the end of May.

9. Please direct any questions to Ontario High School German Contest Chair, Anne Popovich, at

2022 Committee:
Anne Popovich, McMaster University, Chair
Jimmy Steele, Toronto District School Board
Nicola Townend, University of Toronto Schools, Secretary-Treasurer

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