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CATG Tagung 2017 - Funds

Dear OATG Friends,

It is with great excitement that I forward you additional information about
next week's CATG conference.

*The OATG is able to fund the conference fees for **TWO members in good
standing* to attend this event. If you are a current member, are interested
in attending, *and may otherwise be unable to access funds to attend*,
please e-mail me *by Friday, February 3*, and I will be delighted to
consider your application. (Mileage and Saturday banquet are the only costs
to undertake; the banquet is also optional.) If you are only able to attend
over one or two days, you are still eligible to request this funding.

If you are able to have the conference fees funded by your school, school
board, union, or other means, I do hope to see you there! *Remember: you
will receive a receipt following the conference which you can use to
request financial assistance later this month, as appropriate.*.

The workshops look absolutely outstanding this year *and it is so lovely to
have this national event in Ontario again this year!* *Please see the
program attached.*

*Ready to sign-up? Fill out the Google Doc below*...and I welcome any

Also, if you wish to share a hotel room in Oakville, the Google Sheets
below will allow you find a potential roommate or travel buddy.

I do hope that you will consider being a part of the event. Bis bald in